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In Brief

Are you passionate about sustainability, fair trade and/or animal welfare and looking for a flexible way to contribute? Ethical Consumers Australia is undertaking an ambitious project to increase the information available to consumers about the ethical performance of brands. We are looking for home-based volunteer researchers to help us build our new project, Good On You.

This opportunity will provide you with valuable research experience.  We will provide a formal acknowledgement of your contribution.

About Us

Ethical Consumers Australia’s mission is to make it easier for people to make consumer choices that match their values in the interests of sustainability, justice and animal welfare.

We publish the free fortnightly online newsletter Otter ( which provides actionable information for people who want to make better consumer choices.

The Project

Good On You is an exciting new initiative. Ultimately, Good On You is an online service that helps consumers vote with their wallets by doing the homework for them.

Our network of volunteer researchers will help us sort brands that perform better in the interests of people, the planet and animals from those that have hidden ethical nasties lurking in their consumer products, where that information is not currently available from other reliable sources.

Good On You is designed to be a service with broad appeal; we want to move ethical consumption from the margins to the mainstream. That means we’d like to rate as many brands and products as possible so that consumers have a good range of purchasing options.

The Role

As an ethical detective, you will sort the good guys from the baddies to rate brands and products against specified criteria.

Working wherever you have access to a computer and the internet, you’ll research and rate your brand according to criteria developed by us in conjunction with reliable expert sources. We’ll provide an online worksheet to fill in, so you know exactly what information you need to find and where to put it. Typical brands takes a few hours to research, although it can be more or less depending on how much information can be found. Once you register your interest in checking a particular brand, you’ll have a week to complete the worksheet. You can do this work anywhere you have access to the internet.

The Rewards

Volunteering on this project is a flexible, convenient way to take action on issues you care about. You will contribute to building a valuable tool to help people better align their purchases with their values.

You’ll be making a unique contribution to sustainability, and your work could potentially influence thousands of consumers to make better purchasing decisions. It will also help you develop new skills. At the end of your contribution you’ll have a reference for your resume or portfolio, and formal acknowledgment of your involvement in GoodOnYou.

About you

Ideally you’re someone who cares about consumer ethics! Good On You is concerned with a wide range of issues, from workers’ rights and child labour through to animal welfare, climate change and sustainability. Knowledge of one or more of these issues could help you during the process, but the key skills are attention to detail and comfort undertaking online research.

You don’t have to be a professional or expert, but you should be confident in finding sources of information and distinguishing between those that are credible and questionable.

We won’t be able to build Good On You without your assistance, so please consider lending your time and skills to further the cause of ethical buying in Australia.

Become an ethical detective


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