Ethical Consumers Australia is an independent, not for profit organisation.


Our goal is to make it easier for people to make consumer choices that match their values.

What we do


Otter is a free fortnightly newsletter with practical tips and advice for people who want to make their consumer choices part of creating a better world. Otter has been taking a break since mid 2016.


Good On You makes it possible to find products that meet you practical and style requirements as well as matching your values in relation to impact on people, the planet and animals.


Good On You rates consumer brands for their impact on people, the planet and animals by bringing together the world’s information about each brand. Good On You currently (August 2017) rates 1200 fashion brands with more added every week. We will add cosmetic and personal care brands in 2018. Good On You makes the brand ratings available to shoppers in convenient ways that help them “vote for the kind of world they want” every time they consider shopping.


The free Good On You app is available for Android or iOS in most countries.


We are actively developing new services to assist people make a difference through their everyday actions. Do you have ideas about what you need to increase your ability to create the world you want as part of your everyday life? Drop us a line.